PlayPark joins Sinulog 2019

Viva Pit Senyor~
Cebuanos, catch your favorite PlayPark Games as we join the 2019 Sinulog Celebration this coming January 17 and 18, 2019 from 5 PM until 9 PM at Fuente Osmena Circle - PlayPark booth! Enjoy exciting activities and prizes~



Special Force Online

Door Prize
All registered attendees will have,
    x5 (7 Days)
    Holy Bless(30Days)
    Wood M4A1 Mod0 (30 Days)
    Wood Ak74 Silence (30 Days)
    Wood PSG-1A1 (30Days)

Special Force 2

Door Prize
    The first 50 will get a voucher

    300 PHP
        TRG Rooster Permanent
        K2 Silencer CircuitFx

    500 PHP
        G36C Holy Dragon
        M4A1 Mod2A Reflex silencer Songkran
        Hk417 Mod2A Relex Metallic Mint

Rising Force Online

Door Prize
    2x Beginners Ring (7 days)
    2x Beginners Amulet (7 days)
    2x Silver Pig Statue
    1 pc Turncoat Premium Service Token

Purchase 100 load and top-up on the event venue and you can acquire the following items:

1 stack +3 Ores(Red, Green, Black, Yellow, Blue)


Cabal Online

    arcana of chaos +15 - 30D
    arcana of laws +15 - 30D
    carnelian +15 - 30D
    talisman +10 - 30D
    gale elixir x10
    typhoon elixir x10
Crux :
    [30D] Unique Costume Penetration Cabal High School – Penetration             +90 (Character Binding)
    [30D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
    200 Force Gems
    100M Alz
Cabal Spin:

- 100 LU per spin
- 500 LU, 5 spins + 1 free spin

Audition Next Level

Door Prize
    30Days Twinkle Finish
    30Days Yellow Pop-Hand Tail
    30Days Premium Messenger +

And here's how to win more exciting prizes, join the #PlayParkSinulog2019 Selfie event!

- Take a Selfie with Playpark Sinulog booth.
- Post in on your Facebook with your Game and IGN. Ex. Game: Special Force IGN: juanpedro and use the hastags #PlayParkSinulog2019 and your game's official hashtags.
    Special Force Online and Special Force 2 - #10thSFWC
    Rising Force Online - #RFSinulog
    Audition - #ANLSinulog
    Cabal Online - #CabalSinulog
NOTE: Your post MUST be in "PUBLIC"
-All qualified participants will win. (Except for Rising Force Online)

Special Force Online
    - 5pcs. WK I(5) & 5pcs. WK II (5)

Special Force 2
    - Permanent Weapon tag Steel
    - Permanent Type 89 EOTech Pumpkinskull FX

Audition Next Level
    - 30Days HomeBound Mark

Cabal Online

Rising Force Online
    - 2 winners of 5 pcs. Keen Talics
    - 2 winners of 10 pcs. Favor Talics
    - 2 winners of 10 pcs. Grace Talics
    - 2 winners of 10 pcs. Darkness Talics
    - 2 winners of 10 pcs. Mercy Talics

See you all there~