PlayPark XP 2018 GenSan

It exceeded expectations in Cebu. The location was packed in Manila. Now, it is heading to the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Players from all over Mindanao, prepare for the BIGGEST CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR GAMERS IN THE WHOLE SOUTHEAST ASIA -- PlayPark Xtreme Paskuhan sa GenSan!

All of PlayPark’s games will be in attendance to treat players with unprecedented amounts of fun, excitement, and thrills. You can guess your way into in-game riches in the Load o Bayong stage event. You can even get gifts from your favorite Playpark GM’s and CM’s. Besides those, each game has prepared activities for attending players to participate in. See the list of activities below:
  • Tanki Online - Prepare to go big or go home in the explosive TankiNa Challenge!
  • Perfect World - Heroes won’t be going home empty handed from the activities prepared by the PlayPark Perfect World Team. Check it out HERE!
  • FLYFF - It will be a test of instincts and luck for Flyffers at the event. Read on HERE.
  • Audition Next Level - Roll the dice and win great prizes from for your in-game character! See more HERE.
  • RF Online - Win anything ranging from Keen Talics to a Permanent Gold Cape in the RF Online Box of Treasure! More details HERE.
  • Special Force Online - From merchandise to limited edition, premium in-game items. All of these are waiting for attending troopers! Know more HERE.
  • Special Force 2 - Be The King of the Hill and assert your dominance in the Special Force 2 on-ground events. Know more HERE.
  • Cabal - Join the Cabal Spin Off event and get stunning prizes. Details? Click HERE.
See you at the event, Gamers!