PlayPark in Load Central's 9.9 FLASH SALE

Get more game for your buck as LoadCentral opens a special 9.9 FLASH SALE. Your PlayPark load gets as much as FREE 50% load during September 9, 2018. Here's how you can get in on the action.

Participating Denomination


Php 100.00

Php 50.00

Php 300.00

Php 150.00

Php 500.00, Php 1,000.00, Php 2,000.00 and Php 5,000.00

Php 150.00

Qualified buyers will receive the bonus load on the next working day.
Winners will be notified through text message.
PlayPark load PIN will be sent automatically to the mobile number on the next working day.

Read the full merchanics on the LoadCentral website.